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Playing Chromatically

The Brendan Power's Incredible All Bending Harp Prototype

Price: N/A

Tested Model: Prototype in the key of C.

During the Saint-Aignan harmonica festival, I've been fortunate enough to try a prototype of all-bending harp made by Brendan.

The principle of this harp is to provide the player with the notes missing from the regular diatonics (see the Richter harps page) through regular bending. The approach differs from the XB-40 one as Rick Epping's instrument provides double bends on all the draw and blow notes, while Brendan's only adds the missing notes, resulting in less choice notes available to the player.

These specifications have somehow allowed Brendan to build a very small harp. The harp is based on the Suzuki Pro Harp, with slightly larger holes. When holding it, the sensation is exactly the same as holding a standard bluesharp.

The playability is excellent. The harp is airtight and all the usual bends are easy to obtain. The additional bends are as easy to obtain as the traditional ones.

It so easy to adapt to this new harp that after 5 minutes I've forgotten it was not a standard bluesharp.

This harmonica is simply amazing. It gives access to the missing notes and allows to forge a beautiful tone, in a pocket size.

I don't know if this harp will be commercialized one day. It would really be a shame if it is not.

Laurent Vigouroux

Planet Harmonica - 2004