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Build your i-Mic

Michel Triste is a harp player from the Paris area, and a electronics fanatic. He developed this little beauty that is the i-Mic for us, with second hand stuff that anyone can find in their local supermarket plus a few components that can be found in any electronics shop. At the worst the parts should cost around $8.

The results are so impressive that today Greg Szlapczynski uses an i-Mic on tour ! And all the testers on our panel found the i-Mic to be one of the most interesting mics they tested ! So if you're worried about spending the $60-$100 that's the minimum entry price for a harmonica microphone, why not build one yourself first ?

Plan of the i-Mic

i-mic.gif (8517 octets)



1. Mono 6.35 Jack
2. Mineral Water Plastic Bottle (ex : Badoit)
3. 10 kohm b (Log) Potentiometer (small)
4. Potentiometer button
5. Dynamique microphone capsule
6. Mic Head (Cap and part of a plastic bottle of milk with holes drilled in)
7. Not shown : red/black isolated copper wire

(On the drawings Rouge or R means Red and Noir or N means Black)

i-mic2.gif (1913 octets)

A few bits of advice :

  • The components can be found in any decent electrical or electronics supplier for roughly $8.

  • The place to cut the plastic mineral water bottle in order to obtain the length L is to be determined by the diameter of the milk bottle used for the mic head, xhich itself should be sufficiently wide to host the capsule.

  • The capsule can be attached with 1 or 2 strips of 5 mm adhesive foam as used for isolation of doors and windows. Alternatively you might want to put the capsule further away from the head in which case you might need a plastic tube of a diameter corresponding roughly yo that of the milk bottle. Another top of mineral water bottle with the cap on might do the trick.

  • Expect to spend at least several hours of work. The parts that are the easiest in theory (like drilling holes in the milk bottle cap) are the longest and most delicate.

  • You will need a drill, welding utensils and a lot of patience and inventiveness. If you're not the type to spend hours doing home improvement, you might hire a bandmember, family member or friend who is to help you out the first time.

  • By using a Badoit bottle and green capped bottle of milk you'll have the original i-mac look. But just like the new i-macs, you can vary the color codes by changing brands. Please send us photographs of your finished models.

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