Following La Marche d’Aincourt Challenge, we’re inviting you to Tonio’s Place challenge!
Record yourself playing the first phrase of the song and try to win an ARKIA Signature Peyrelevade!

Tonio’s Place is a song from Jérôme Peyrelevade and Cyril Cianciolo first album : Kiffosaurus Rex.

This time, the theme includes a 4 overblow, and potentially a 5 overblow if you play the theme on Richter tuned harp. The 5 overblow is not required if you play on a Lydian tuned harp.

This is a great exercice to work on delivering these notes in tune with the best tone possible. The other challenge is to play the 2′ and 3″ in a row as this requires to change tongue position.

Here is the link to the full song:

And here is the link to the excerpt:

Here is the part for a C Richter Harp:

And here is the part for a C Lydian harp:

The challenge rules are:

  • Play the first phrase (the 8 first measures) on a C Richter or a C Lydian harp
  • Acoustic sound, no effects other than compression/equalization/reverb

You can upload your audio file (max 4 Mo) till May, the 1rst here: [wordpress_file_upload]

Be careful to include your email address in the name of the file.

You can contact us at for any question.

After the deadline, our grand jury will assess each recording through the following set of criteria :

  • Pitch
  • Timbre
  • Attack and note sustainability
  • Expression
  • Overall assessment

We are waiting for your submissions !!!

The prizes are:

1rst prize ARKIA Signature, Richter or Lydien, your choice of key
2nd and 3rdCD Kiffosaurus Rex
4th and 5thCD Kiffosaurus Rex + CD Somewhere on the Edge of Time

People liking the song and wanting to discover more can by the CD there: