The creation of a new brand dedicated to the harmonica is always something interesting.

The US company was recently created by a french pro harmonica player (David Herzaft). His aim is obviously to propose products that answer to the real needs of the harmonica players. If not revolutionary (apart for the Torpedo, which is a real new offer in the diatonic world), products are indeed really “usage oriented”, which can really be acclaimed and promoted.

Here is a short presentation of some of their products.

Light transport harmonica case

Robust, it can hold 14 diatonic harmonica plus some accessories (mike, recorder, etc…). You can also put some stuff in the front pouch.





Lip Balm



Maybe a bit anecdotal but showcasing a real harmonica player experience, also proposes a lip balm.





The Polar

A mid-range diatonic harmonica (around 40 bucks) with a great look. The white mat covers have a very pleasant touch.

Regarding playability, the Polar does what he has to considering its price tag: airtight enough to play blues with some overblows. But it is not airtight enough for advanced chromatic playing. The Torpedo addresses this market.

Tu summarize, a good harp for the money, with a great look.


The Torpedo

This is a diatonic harmonica, hand setup for chromatic playing. More explanations here.

Laurent Vigouroux