Editor in chief: Laurent Vigouroux

Absolute amateur, Laurent has been travelling the virtual world of harmonica for 20 years. He helped Planet Harmonica founder (Benoit Felten) in the first part of the magazine life, and then took over PH reboot.



Editor: Jérôme Peyrelevade

Jazz, Funk and Worldmusic harmonica player, Jérôme is also the editor in chief of theoverblowers.com, the leading blog for chromatic playing on a diatonic harp.




Editor, teaching section : Laurent Rinaldi

Musician (bass player), composer, arranger, singer, Laurent Rinaldi has always been attracted by free-reed instruments, that led him to write for harmonica and accordion, and to play chromatic harmonica. He is also keen on sharing his knowledge and delivers lessons, courses and various actions in school environment.


Editor, gear section : Marko Balland

Bluesman who won fame in Rock, well known for his distorted sound.




Founder and editor, album reviews : Benoît Felten

Founder of Planet Harmonica in the 90’s, Benoît is a leading blogger in the cultural and technical world.




Translation : Francois Morcrette

A highly motivated but a poorly gifted amateur harp player, François discovered the instrument when he received a chromatic harmonica as a birthday present at the age of 13. Since that time, he has been keeping on blowing and drawing, driving his teachers and family crazy. He’s now glad to join the Planet Harmonica crew, as a translator.


Interview Joe: Patrice Rayon

A real amateur, Patrice is well known as a relentless harmonica globe trotter. He created the website harmonicacontact, which opens windows into the harmonica universe, and plays a key role in the recognition, preservation and advancement of the harmonica. He is also behind the worldwide french harmonica agenda