Who is Planet Harmonica ?


Planet Harmonica started as a one-man project, and is now beginning to expand, with more collaborators. We thought we'd tell you a little bit about us.

First of all, it's important to point out that we're doing this for fun, not for money. In fact as it stands, the magazine is costing us money rather than generating any. We intend to change this in the future, to at least break even. Don't worry, it still won't cost you a dime ! In the meantime, it's a good excuse not to deliver on time, as some of you have noticed.

You may wonder who the people behind Planet Harmonica are. Well, there's a lot of occasional help for which we're thankful (if you wish to help, you can consult our Help Needed page). Here are the regulars :

Editor, Writer, Translator Ben Felten
Co-editor, Webmaster, Writer Laurent Vigouroux
Translator French > English, Writer John Galvin
Translator English > French, Writer Sabine Laguionie
News Editor, Writer David Chalumeau

A lot of people helped us for this specific issue and should be thanked for it :

Winslow Yerxa, Pat Missin, Steve Shaw, ..

Planet Harmonica - 2004