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Young Lions of the Harp

The world of the diatonic harp is moving. Both technically and musically, the horizons are expanding in ways that were not envisaged before, and the boundaries of tradition are being pushed forward and old cliches shatter. There's a bunch of young players out there who fertilize the music, and we at Planet Harmonica thought it would be interesting to interview these guys and understand how they are turning an instrument often associated with old-timey music into new directions.

This will be an ongoing series. For this first installment we talked to one of the most innovative musicians in Britain, Lee Sankey. In the upcoming issues we hope to talk to Greg Szlapczynski (France), Steven de Bruyn (Belgium) and Jason Ricci (USA).

Lee Sankey :

"It's OK doing covers if you add something new or take it in a new direction. But the world doesn't need another Stevie Ray Vaughan. It's been done."

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