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Technique : Tabs


In this new section we will ask harmonica players to tab out their own compositions. To kick off on a great tune, we asked Greg Szlapczynski to tab out for us the title track of his debut album "Ternaire madness". Here's what Greg has to say about it :

"The tune is in Bb and on the recording I played it on a handmade Marine Band in Eb The piece is inspired by the great Sonny Rollins and features harmonica phrases borrowed from jazz saxophone. It's also a great practice that will get you playing all of the bends in hole 3."

Ternaire Madness : Have a Listen

Greg SzlapczynskiClick on Greg's picture for a full Real Audio of the song :

Ternaire Madness.jpg (21656 octets)

Ternaire Madness : Get the record

Here's a short review of the record that we are publishing in the Review section of the current issue :

"Greg Szlapczynski is probably one of the most innovative diatonic harp players of his generation, and will likely be a landmark player of the 21st century. This close guarded secret was known only to those happy few who managed to get hold of his self-produced debut album "Ternaire Madness" until he released his second album "Gregtime" in 1999. Now, thanks to his growing success, "Ternaire Madness" is finally re-released, and it hasn't aged a bit. Greg's compositions go from jazz to jazzy to funky to rock, without omitting the obligatory tributes to blues and country. What you will find here is a fresh sounding, accessible and yet virtuoso harp player that will get you wondering "why has no one ever played this on harp before ?"

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Ternaire Madness : Chord Structure

The structure is a classic AABA


[ A ]
Bb7 Eb7 Bb7 Eb7
Bb7 A7 Dm7 G7 Cm7 F7 Bb7


[ B ]
Eb7 % Bb7 Fm7 Bb7
Eb7 % F7 %


Ternaire Madness : Tablature

Guitar plays A part