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Harmonica Therapy

The harmonica is, of course, our fetich and it brings us great joys. Often, we play it without realising what a great terapeuthic tool it can be. Therapy through music is a well recognised theory amongst the medical profession, but it is usually associated with the idea of listening to music, or playing any instrument. The harmonica can have more specific applications regarding certain muscles and the respiratory system, and is therefore especially appropriate to fighting against certain respiratory illnesses. The aim of this file is to collect information, experiences and stories about the harmonica as a therapeutic tool and make them known to you. We will update it regularly and add articles, interviews, etc. If you know of such experiences and want to write about them, please be sure to contact us !


The program of the hospital of Nancy-Brabois for children suffering from asthma by Paul Lassey
Interview with Philippe BOUTELOUP, director of "l'association Musique et Santé"
"Manque pas d'Air", a harp CD for children