Top 10 of harmonica website


We could spend pages and pages listing harmonica sites on the web, and a lot of those would have interesting contents. But we prefer to recommend you what we consider to be the best ten sites out there, the ones any harp player should know. For other sites, try the links on these or any good search engine !

Mike Will's Harmonica Information
An excellent page full of theoretical and practical information. THE diatonic harp reference on the web.
Harp On !
This is the equivalent of Mike Will's site on the Chromatic. Full of info on models, brands, lessons, etc.
This a US based blues harmonica portal. It features harp bands, articles, info on events, etc.
The Harper's International Gig List
A weekly listing of harp gigs throughout the worls. The US and american artists are better represented but if you wanna see some harp playing this is the resource you need. The site is maintained by Danny Wilson.
Harmonica Discography
A fairly impressive harmonica discography.
List of Harmonica Industry Resources
This listing will allow you to contact any professional of the harmonica other than musicians themselves : magazines, mic and equipment manufacturers, harp customisers, etc.
Harmonica Page from the Open Directory Project
Ce listing is the Yellow Pages of harmonica websites. Very complete and up to date.
Richard Hunter Harmonica Website
Richard Hunter does not only have info on his own records on his page but also advice, interviews and other bits of info on the harp.
Glenn Weiser's Harmonica Homepage
Glenn has written several transcription books for the harmonica and his site proposes a few of these as well as several harmonica related articles.