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How to become
a Friend ?


Here's all the information you need to become a Friend of Planet Harmonica. It's presented in FAQ format.

  • Why would I want to become a Friend of Planet Harmonica ?
Because you like Planet Harmonica and want to make other people who visit your website know that such a resource exists. It's a way of supporting the work we do.

  • What's in it for me ?
Well, we're not going to pay you for clicks, coz' we can't ! We do Planet Harmonica on a fully voluntary basis, and there's no money in it anyway (In fact, it's costing us money to run the damn thing !!!)

We will link back to your site in the Friends listing though, because it's the least we can do !

  • So, how do I join ?
It's dead simple : You pick out one of the Banners presented below (the one that suits your website layout best) and you place it somewhere (hopefully somewhere prominent !) on your web site. Then you place up a link on the banner back to Planet Harmonica. Then you send us an email at to tell us you've linked our site and we'll include you in the Friends listing within a day or two.

  • What are the banners available ?
We present you with three banners here that should suit most of your individual needs. If however you need to modify the size of these banners so much that they become ugly (that happens with pixels !) send us a quick note with the exact banner size you want and we'll be happy to oblige !

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  • Which URL should I link to ?
Supposing you (and your audience) are English speaking, you will want to link to the English Contents Page at

If you and your audience are French speaking, you will want to link to the French Contents Page at

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