Tao Ravao et Vincent Bucher

Tao Ravao & Vincent Bucher - Hé, là-bas !

Hé là-bas ! Hé là-bas ! Listen up ! It's a journey ! A trip to the country of a thousand colours, the country of a thousand rythms. When you listen to these guys, you figure the soul of their ancestors flying above their afro-blues. Guitars become Valiha and Kabosy, harmonica becomes malagasy. Sometimes transe music, with men and women dancing around a thick smoke ; festive also, with necklaces of leather and stones dangling to the rythm of their "Loufiats".

This exotic duo is Tao Ravao, a malagasy singer/guitarist, specialised in the traditional intruments of his native country. He is accompanied by the talented Vincent Bucher on the harmonica. Vincent's playing is broad minded and strong, switching quickly from single notes to tonic bass lines. These two accomplices manage while respecting this music whose roots plunge in the depths of times to communicate their emotions through ever elegant melodies.

Hé là-bas ! Hé là-bas ! Listen up ! It's a beautiful journey !

Xavier Laune

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