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Lee Sankey - My day is just beginning

If Lee Sankey’s days begin like his CD, he must have unlimited amounts of energy ! From the first few bars, you will be hooked on by how dynamic this band led by Lee Sankey, himself an excellent harp player and guitarist. Composer and writer of all the songs present on this CD, he has called on singer David Migden to deliver his lyrics. A solid rythm section and a luxurious horn section forms the rest of the outfit.

Lee Sankey distributed his harmonica solos sparingly but elegantly, switching from diatonic to chromatic with ease and precision. A few instrumental pieces allow him to venture into jazzy territory, where the spirit of William Clarke roams. His chromatic playing sounds punchy and his phrasing subtle. His diatonic sounds rawer and owes something to the Chicago tradition even though his phrasing is more modern and inventive than most, as is shown by the superb first position riff that the horns repeat in "Women and Trouble".

The final result is an album that takes its roots inblues to flirt with funk and jazz, a blend of styles that Lee likes to call "bluebop". A firm advocate of a modern blues, Lee Sankey does not hesitate to warp the established codes to his own ends, and therefore fits perfectly in the modern music scene.

Greg Szlapczynski

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