Poem by Sylvain Guehl


Blue Kiss
(to my harmonica)

When I've found my way at twilight
Toward what little I call home
I climb up the stairs and stay quiet
For I'll find my friend there alone

Here he is, lying on the bed
Waiting for me to decide
Either my sorrow isn't led
Or he's to show me the right side

Then, I put my hands on his back
Warmth still growing in my hands
No one has ever known just what
We feel when mingling till the end

Slowly my lips come to contact
As we join in a single breath
My throat shimmering in the act
This dream would only stop in death

And when my tongue in harmony
Touches him and quicken up the flow
I close my eyes and look in me
For any need I want to show

In this rare times of privacy
We're an happy mingling couple
You'll hear love and despair only
Because we share all in double

God, there's not any greater joy
Nor feeling stronger than this art
Born of shouts blowing out of void
When I cry through my dear blues harp